Focus PLM implements complete systems for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) based on Aras Innovator®, the innovative solution by Aras Corp that allows developing a complete enterprise system with reduced incremental, investments, thanks to its Enterprise Open Source approach: a unique combination of zero license costs with the reliability of software developed by a large, professional organization.

Aras is a native Web application with a Service-Oriented Architecture that ensures easy integration with other systems. Aras Innovator® is implemented through state-of-art technologies and allows full configuration by means of interactive tools and – when necessary – additional customization by means of standard coding languages.

Aras Innovator® out-of-the-box functionality classifies the product as a high-end PLM and supports the implementation of enterprise solutions covering all the product lifecycle management needs of a modern company. To ensure full and efficient integration of PLM with design and documentation activities, Focus PLM provides Direct PLM a bi-directional connector between Aras Innovator® and the most popular CAD products. Direct PLM also supports Microsoft Office® integrations.

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As Aras Gold Certified Partner and thanks to a long-standing experience in complex PLM infrastructure development, Focus PLM can install and configure Aras Innovator® taking full advantage of all its native features, and customize it if needed to fulfill specific customer needs.

Moreover, Focus PLM provides first-level support to Aras Innovator® Unlimited Subscription customers.