Breton was first established in 1963 by Marcello Toncelli, who perceived the enormous potential in developing a market which was absolutely innovative and at the time practically unexplored: developing new technologies and manufacturing industrial plants for producing compound stone.

Since the beginning of its activity Breton has also dedicated itself to manufacturing machines and plants for processing natural stone.

The founder’s farsighted entrepreneurship and his enormous aptitude for developing innovative ideas were the assets that enabled the company to rapidly grow becoming in just a few years an industrial reality in the foreground, and later to become the world market leader.
In 2012 Breton replaced a legacy PDM with Aras Innovator® and a full fledged PLM implementation. In a short time Aras became the infrastructure supporting most company processes, and the central repository of product and order documents.
Projects at Breton are defined thru modern CAD-CAE technologies, integrated with Aras Innovator® to ensure the required implementation speed.