Focus PLM offer includes Dynamic Product, a complete solution for product configuration management both for commercial applications (assemble-to-order) and for technical applications (design-to-order), integrated with several CAD products and obviously with Aras Innovator®.

Dynamic Product architecture ensures a complete independence from the PLM and the CAD systems used to handle metadata and geometry.

An editor with a user-friendly graphic interface allows an intuitive description of the parametric structure for a product with its variants, rules, and constrains that will be applied when defining a specific configuration.

sistemi per la configurazione di prodotto
software per la gestione della configurazione

Dynamic Product has both a Windows-based and a Web-based interface for end users:

software per la gestione della configurazione
configuratore prodotti
gestione della configurazione prodotto

Advanced reporting based on Crystal Report can be easily integrated in the system to provide automatic generation of offers, orders and pricelists.

software per configurazione prodotto
configuratore prodotto

Dynamic Product supports direct integration of an ERP to allow real-time access to cost data or availability information.

Multi-CAD integrations (Solidworks, thinkdesign and others) are available for real-time generation of geometric representations of user-defined configurations.

software per la gestione della configurazione
sistemi per la configurazione prodotto

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