Sito implements Aras Innovator® for telecommunication infrastructure management

The Tele business unit of Sito Oy provides and implements service products for tele operators for maintenance and to build their network infrastructure. In Spring 2016 the BU decided to renew the system they use to support Tele operative operations. The project was approached by modeling the most important business processes and the related data structures, through conceptual data modeling.

When comparing various alternative systems, it turned out quite quickly that Aras Innovator can support Tele’s data structures and processes and can also adapt to needs expected in the future. The company also found that Fulvisol has competences both in information systems in general and in Aras Innovator as a product.

The system development and deployment took place in phases based on Tele’s information model. It was possible to add new important features for end users without breaking the already existing system functionalities.

Tele’s operations are now under Aras Innovator. The system consists of the following functionalities: management of service product structures, order handling, control and implementation of tasks, preparation of invoice content and reporting.